Closet Curation and Personal Styling

As a personal stylist my mission is to help cis gen women, trans women, and trans men of all body types, colors, and ages define their unique beautiful vision of self through dress.

I believe in celebrating the body your given by revealing to the world its joyous expression and stepping into your personal power. You have big goals to accomplish and worrying about your wardrobe is not one of them!

There are three steps in my process of helping you own that power.

  • We collaborate together on a vision of how you want to represent yourself.

  • We organize and shed the closet of what does not serve your vision, and in that cleared space we welcome in the new!

  • Through individual shopping sessions with my trained eye, intuition, and years of experience from working in the entertainment business as a costume designer, I will guide you in defining and understanding the perfect fit and cut for your unique body. There are no rules except, does it make you feel great?!

Also if your up for it, I provide a little reiki along the way. My approach is holistic and is about presenting an authentic inner vision of self.

I want you to wake up in the morning to closet that is a pleasure to open, and your wardrobe full options of the varied expressions of you! Dressed confidently, you can have the energy and mind space to concentrate on moving forward on your life’s path.

For inquiries and questions, email me at


“Sometimes shopping makes me feel like an angsty 15 year old version of myself. It can bring up a lot of my self doubt and insecurity. Chris’s presence is the perfect antidote. Chris has this incredible combination of warmth, compassion, non-judgement, and is funny. At the same time, she has a laser sharp vision and an uncanny ability to translate my fantasy self style goals in to a practical wearable reality.” -Stephanie A

“One day I decided that I really didn't want to spend hours in a store trying on clothes only to hate all of them and go home empty handed, hours wasted. Then I found Chris and she quickly and easily overhauled my entire wardrobe. People tell me all the time how great I look! I even made a couple Buddhists jealous of the amazing jacket she found for me! Chris will see you as you are meant to be, and dress you accordingly. She is amazing!” -Deborah B

“I will attest that Chris is a wonderful person to get styled by. She is sensitive to many nuances of character. My favorite clothes are the ones we picked out together. I wear them constantly, and yet I might not have picked them for myself. She negotiates a store like a swat team, clearing the B.S. and getting to the target. For a person overwhelmed by choice and exhausted by the questions that come up for me about my style identity, it made it all so much easier, and resulted in a set of clothing that makes me feel powerful, attractive and more myself.” -Samson LP

“In working with Chris to help me with my closet, I was pleasantly surprised. The thought of exposing the personal insecurities that I hold about my body as a person of size seemed daunting, but Chris has a warm way that made me feel safe and taken care of. With her kindness and talent for dressing all body types, I felt empowered to let go of some of my hang ups about hiding my body in clothing. I highly recommend Chris if you need to make a change of wardrobe, restore your self worth, or want a new friend to help you with self care.” -Lee M.